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About Our Company

Most of my business has come through recognition via friends and local business opportunities, this keeps me close to my clients and gives me the opportunity to really focus on client satisfaction and business growth!
I have spent the last 10 years working as a Freelancer all over the world. I have been working in the travel and tourism industry for businesses such as hotels, camper van hire, guided tour guides and local smaller businesses in France and England. I decided to move to France in 2012 and start working from home and make a life of it along with my French wife. Today I am striving to expand my business into France as there is a lack of professional marketing professionals working from home which are cost effective unlike the major agencies. 99% of my education in web development, search engine optimization and computers has come from personal training, small courses and general experience working abroad and from home.
I plan to expand my business into France until I have a solid 20-30 repeat clients I am able to work with in helping improve their online presence and search engine rankings. This way unlike the larger companies I am able to focus more on a smaller client base and make sure client satisfaction comes first, this way I can make sure deadlines are complete, emails are replied to instantly and clients are growing in business. All I want is to live a happy steady life and help those who need my help improve their businesses.

We have members both English and French speaking ready to get your business growing!
Hass William Ingram
Hassan William Ingram
CEO - French / English Speaking
Vanessa Berthelot
Vanessa Berthelot Ingram
French Speaking Consultant